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a sign of trouble

Today I spent some happy hours dipping into this wonderful blog. Megan Hicks studies pavements and the messages on them with a passion that inspires. Her piece on the parallels between pavements and beaches (of course!) was what drew me in. And she shared this quote from Tim Winton’s ‘Land’s Edge’:

‘Yet however comforting and peaceful beachcombing is, it ends up, like the sea, as disturbing as it is reassuring. In dark moments I believe that walking on a beach at low tide is to be looking for death, or at least anticipating it. You will only find the dead, the spilled and the cast-off […] The beachcomber goes looking for trouble, for everything he finds is a sign of trouble.’


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    […] title of the show, ‘signs of trouble’, is taken from a Tim Winton quote that Megan Hicks shared with me. My work celebrates the joys of virtual beach combing on the beaches directly to the south of my […]

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