A trip to White Rabbit Gallery in Redfern is always wonderful… come for the art, stay for the tea and dumplings (or the other way around, if you are my kids). Our latest trip to see ‘Commune’ was no exception. One thing I love about the exhibitions at White Rabbit is that there always seems to be something knitted. On show at the moment is another piece by Wang Lei, whose earlier work at White Rabbit, ‘Fabrication No. 3’ (two Imperial Robes knitted from the pages of a dictionary), I stood in front of in awe.

For ‘Everything from Nothing’ (2013) Wang Lei cut the faces from a year’s worth of a newspaper, putting them together to form the scroll you can just see in the background of my second photo. Then he painstakingly converted the remaining newsprint into yarn that he knitted into twelve bags, leaving their contents (nothing) to our imagination. The whole is a meditation on a line from the Tao Te Ching, and a fabulous piece of knitting.